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An explainer video is a short video that explains a concept or product to the viewer. It is used to introduce a product or service to the public. It can be used by companies to promote their products.

An explainer video is important because it can be used to promote a product or service. It can be used by companies to promote their products.

German Voice over is a critical component of explainer videos. It is the voice actor that tells the story of the company. It can be a single voice or a team of voices. The voice-over is the german voice over artist that tells the story of the company. It can also be a voice that is not human.

Your explainer video needs a professional german voice actor. Hire a professional german voice over actor for your explainer video and have great results in the learning curve of your listeners.

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With more than 20 Years as german voice actor, voice director and music producer, you'll receive first-class service. From translations to the final mastering of the voice recording.

Voice Recording

No further exlainations need, right? I guess that's why you are here


As a german voice over artist, I am an experienced translator and scriptwriter to adapt the German script to your product.

Mastering & Mixing

Due to my work as sound designer and music producer, I provide excellent skills for mixing and mastering.

German Voice Over Services

Your German Voice for all kinds

You can book my voice for all kinds of productions. Find out for what you can hire me. My German voice for all purposes.

German TV, Radio & Web Commercials
Always ON AIR with your German voice recording for tv, radio, and web commercials.
German Corporate Videos
Corporate videos are a great way to present your company. The right german voice makes it perfect.
German Audio & Museum Guides
Walking through a museum hall or exhibition and listen to the German audio guide. With a German voice actor you can reach your German guests.
German Explainer Videos
Explainer videos are a great way to present your product to your audience. Hire a German voice over talent like me for your German customers.

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